Friday, July 04, 2014

The Reason Why the Rich Persecute the Poor

There is a mean spirit arising in America especially among well off white Republicans which has a fanatical dedication to punishing the poor even to the levels once commonly used in Dickensian England, namely the work houses and the poor debtors prison, etc. We may ask why do these rich people engage in this wicked pursuit?
The answer is that having money alone is not enough for some folk. They don't really start to "feel" and "appreciate" the "comfort" of their wealth until they can readily observe the extreme suffering of others who are in a state of severely LACKING any means or resource that is capable of sustaining their existence in society.
Unfortunately for us all, the greater the numbers of those mired down in the grinding poverty of American society, the more INTENSE the exhilarating feeling of  "boundless satisfaction " and "comfortable security", experienced by the wealthy as they survey the growing pool of economic suffering and misery among society’s poor.
Such exhilarating feelings are also addictive to the human psyche and like all other forms of addiction ultimately contribute substantially to the pool of human misery which compromises us all.  

Friday, October 04, 2013

John Boehner an Example of White Privilege Hard at Work

In actuality there is ONLY ONE MAN responsible for the current government shutdown and he is the Speaker of The House John Boehner. If Boehner brought the Senate's clean CR bill to the House floor for a vote it would pass and the government would be funded again. Boehner refuses to do this because he has declared that HE WILL NEVER BREAK the so-called Hastert rule which requires a majority vote by the Republican caucus in affirmation before any legislation can be brought to the House floor. The Hastert Rule has no basis in Constitutional law and was simply a proposal by the former Speaker of the House and longtime Republican member of the House Dennis Hastert (R-Ill) that he designed to make sure all Republicans moved in LOCKSTEP on all legislative issues.


The fact that Boehner insists on enforcing the Hastert Rule in the Republican caucus while calling for the Democrats and the President to meet with the Republican leadership to negotiate a compromise is a DAMN OXYMORON.  How in the world can you in one breath demand a majority of all Republican members of the House agree, while in the next breath you are telling the public that you want to sit down with the opposition and hammer out a compromise? The only way negotiations work is those who sit down to work out a compromise have prior to their entry into negotiations the complete authority of whatever group that they represent to SPEAK and make AGREEMENT for that respective group. Any other structure is ridiculous, ludicrous, and asinine.




At this point in the Obama presidency even the normally reticent main stream media (MSM) has been forced to confess that the totally insane unreasonable hatred for the president stems from the twisted emotional depths of racism rather than the normal mainstream give-and-take of rough and tumble American politics. I personally believe that God chose Barack Obama to become the first African-American President simply because he is uniquely equipped to discharge the responsibilities of such an assignment. I am not referring to just performing the job of President of the United States, but the FIRST AFRICAN-AMERICAN PRESIDENT of the United States. In truth I cannot think of any other man black or white that could have continued to suffer the slings and arrows heaped upon him daily by scores of rabid racists while still maintaining the uniquely strong composure and dignified persona that is required of the leader of the United States of America.


Mentally I contrast the character of Barack Obama with that exhibited publically by the current Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner. I recall many of the speeches John Boehner delivered on the floor of the House when he was the Minority Leader and Nancy Pelosi was the Democrat Speaker of the House. To these ears Boehner’s rhetoric back there then is completely consistent with the inflammatory statements he has made recently as the Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives regarding the Affordable Health Care Act. At the time when he was just the minority leader many of this speeches from the floor accused President Obama of trying to imposed “socialized medicine” on the American people, therefore I am sure that that kind of rhetoric would certainly have great appeal to the so-called fringe Tea Party members of the current Republican House caucus. Therefore in my opinion as a longtime observer of John Boehner via CSPAN, he has never appeared as a centrist reasonable member of the House Republican caucus.



Yet all of the political commentators and pundits in the MSM continue to wring their hands and commiserate  over the “real tough job” John Boehner has as Speaker of the House “trying as hard as he can” to control the wild-eyed crazed Tea Party members of his own caucus. The sympathy uttered by these broadcasters on behalf of Boehner is so thick it almost oozes out of the TV speakers. They even go so far as to interpret every gesture or word from Boehner as a slight signal of hope from a “good man embroiled in a cataclysmic struggle against impossible unreasonable odds”.  The most severe criticism that I have heard publically expressed of John Boehner also is tinged with suffocating sympathy for the Speaker. This criticism also assumes that Boehner is in a political fight with the Tea Party members of his Republican caucus, but in this instance Boehner is cast as the pragmatist who although he recognizes what is best for the nation  is never-the-less fighting to hold on to his job as Speaker of the House. These are just some of the unsolicited unsubstantiated spontaneous arguments created to defend John Boehner in his current position as the only roadblock to ending the shut-down of the government. Such defensive arguments can be expected to arise in response to the stimulation of the public’s mass psychology of WHITE PRIVILEGE as it asserts itself in the attitude of white America regarding the overall spectacle of the shutdown of the government of the United States.  


Now that I have described a currently evolving example of the continued presence and active influence in American society of White Privilege, it is important to describe how White Privilege operates in conjunction with the other side of the pernicious societal sword of American racism.  American White Privilege can be visualized from a psychological point of view as sort of the “mirror image” of American racism as a complementary dynamic influence in American society. Psychologically it makes sense that it would not be possible to have one phenomena present in American society without the existence and presence of the other psychosis. One requires the equal and opposite phenomena of the other, Thus if American racism is over three centuries old, then American White Privilege is likewise the same exact age. If one accepts this as a new psychologism, then the next question to be asked is “outside of its association with certain discriminatory practices that serve to maintain oppressive social deprivation for African-Americans, why should white people care about this so-called White Privilege phenomenon?” 



The immediate response of the White Privilege emotional stimulus is to blindly defend the actions while granting unconditional privileges to any person based exclusively on the degree of whiteness in their pigmentation, and as such conversely ignores the possibility of personal fault, criminal intent, or character defect. Normally in society this allows those white folks whose survival and ability to prosper depends solely upon their criminal skills to steal, extort, or “con” others out of their money and possessions. to prey upon others around them.  I think P.T. Barnum was well aware of this when he coined his famous phrase. “There’s a sucker born every minute!” Just as American racism dictates that every white person must be instantaneously suspicious of any unfamiliar African-American that they happen to observe in their travels; likewise its “mirror” image in the form of White Privilege automatically covers any white person that they encounter with an unconditional mantle of respect, thereby expecting honesty, integrity, and reliability from that person. The automatic granting of White Privilege does not necessarily constitute a problem until some especially serious critical situation arises and the evaluation facilities of the public consciousness is blinded by White Privilege as it pertains to some key white person who otherwise would be correctly perceived as someone harboring evil intentions while planning some destructive acts.


In my estimation the current government shut-down situation (due to John Boehner’s extreme recalcitrance against bringing the “clean” Senate passed Continuing Resolution (CR) bill to the House floor for a vote and likely passage), and the continued MSM defense of Boehner’s actions is a reflection of the damage that can be experienced by the nation as it continues to succumb to the subtle influence of White Privilege time after time throughout American history.  John Boehner is not worthy of all of the sympathy and “benefit of the doubt” that he is currently being accorded by the American people, in particular the American MSM. Without the blinding glare of White Privilege they would clearly perceive and understand Boehner’s despicable performance as a key member of the current United States government along with the potential future damage that he is comfortable inflicting upon the American people after October 17, 2013, the end date for raising the national debt limit.



At this point what can we learn from the current example of White Privilege and how its continuing influence is effectively bringing serious harm , hurt, and deprivation to millions of innocent Americans? Fortunately there is a lesson that can both strengthen the nation , while bringing about the internal changes necessary to make the United States of America a leader of the world’s nations throughout the 21st century.  During the current fiasco the political situation in the United States has been widely exposed as being quite vulnerable to all of the world’s demagogues and charlatans.  If for nothing more than meeting the requirement to erect an effective defense against such usurpers the white population of America must find a way to effectively remove the overwhelming subconscious subjective influence of White Privilege from their decision and evaluation processes. However the real question arises, how can one effect change of such a strong subconscious psychological force?


Earlier in the discussion I emphasized the proposal that American racism is inexorably tied to American White Privilege to the point that sociologically they are virtually “mirrored” responses to psychological events that are stimulated by the pigmentation or color of any observed individual subject to immediate evaluation.  It is my belief that the stimulated response that results in a change in the emotions such that some form of racist driven action is enacted physically and targeted at the observed individual. As such I believe that the respective white observer has a small amount of conscious reflective time available wherein to actively replace the subjective racist emotional response with a warmer friendly inclusively attractive image, which will effectively abort the physical expression of the usual racist reaction.


Many mental reflexive techniques can be used to implement the appropriate psychological response such as “walking meditations” in addition to other meditation disciplines. American racism is at its essence is stimulated by a “learned” PHOBIA, specifically NEGRO PHOBIA, which is routinely experienced by an overwhelming majority of the white population of America. Therefore I believe that at least the phobic aspect of American racism can be effectively healed through the exercise of a simple self-help prescription by the white American population.  Currently the most effective prescription possible would be based upon voluntary perseverance, which unconditionally subscribes to the notion of dedication to the daily practice of the appropriately specified meditational program by each individual.   


It is important to emphasize here that I am not suggesting that three hundred years of American racism can be eliminated by the white masses participating in selectively designed special meditation exercises over some indeterminate amount of time. This will take time, but it is essential to the future of the nation that action be started immediately. This has been made crystal clear by current events. Further, once the “healing process” is initiated society will immediately start to improve the lives of all Americans, and it will continue to improve as time goes on as more people experience success in effectively shedding the pernicious influence of American racism.


As each white individual is able to free themselves from the influence of American racism, each respective individual will likewise experience a reduction in the subconscious influence of White Privilege in their evaluation of the societal changes evolving around them. Simply put “purging American racism effectively purges the American sense of White Privilege simultaneously”.  



Wednesday, December 05, 2012

A Tactic To Help Reduce The Inner-City Murder Rate

I salute those brave folks residing in the urban areas of America’s cities for their courage as they stand up against the recent explosion in senseless gun murders. We have reached a tipping point in the national epidemic of public murder. These shooters are simply cowards who need weapons to do their violence. So the answer is simply to get rid of the guns on the streets.

 In my opinion most of these weapons in the midst of the black population residential areas are RE-CYCLED GUNS! By RE-CYCLED I mean guns that have been confiscated by the police, stored in a police locker, and are later scheduled to be destroyed, but somehow later turn up on the street again for an illegal sale. These guns are NOT BEING DESTROYED and that is why there are so many weapons available on almost every street corner in the inner-city.  Remember this RE-CYCLING of guns has been going on for decades and simply did not start last week. So over a period of time a gigantic buildup of weapons remains available for re-sale.

When the guns are scheduled to be destroyed, they are trucked to a local contractor's salvage yard that has a large metal compactor. The guns are loaded into the metal compactor which then crushes them all into a small solid metal cube destined for meltdown and recycling. Whenever a cache of guns are scheduled to be destroyed an official police representative must be present as a witness to the actual destruction of the guns. The police witness then must sign official documents that attest and certify that the witness observed the actual destruction of the guns. In many states the archiving of this documentation has been very sloppy and in many instances may even be none-existent.  

Here is what community activists can and MUST do to verify that these weapons are actually destroyed, and not RE-CYCLED back onto the streets to kill again and again.

(1)Start a campaign to request access to past police documentation certifying that guns were actually destroyed.
(2)If the documentation does not include sufficient identification data (Type of weapon, caliber, model number, serial number) make an official request that this information be included with the destruction documentation.
(3)If any discrepancies are found in the documentation data, immediately start a campaign to force the police to allow a civilian from your organization to witness the destruction of any future cache of weapons. Also stipulate that sufficient notice of the event be given in advance to assure that the civilian witness is present at the destruction.

The above outline constitute the main steps to bring the business of selling RE-CYCLED guns under control and keep them off of our city streets. Finally I wish to assure all readers that RE-CYCLED guns are not the ONLY SOURCE of guns flooding the streets of our major cities, but they are a huge contributor to the problem. Every illegal weapon removed for our streets is certainly a step in the right direction.



Monday, May 23, 2011

Yes it is the Hand of God

On this day, in the year thousand and eleven, in the month of May, on the twenty first day, I wrote this word of Hashem: “I Hashem have whispered in the ears of my Arab men, saying; “Go forth! Go quickly forth from beneath your blanket and let those who fear know that this is by my hand.” It is so, and so it is written.

This is more than a message, it is an announcement.

I pray that you will spare a few moments to read my description of the messenger, and beg that you will be so kind as to summon a little patience to bear with the complaints and petitions that follow here.

I am a retired engineer who has been blessed to have been able to maintain a strong belief in the omnipresence of God. It is with a sincere mixture of fear and awe that I behold the mystery of God at work in my own life and the lives of many others. Possibly it is my adherence to the adage that states, “Look for God in all things great and small” that accounts to my alertness to events and changes in the world. However, as a man of science my level of attraction to any particular event is only stimulated by parameters far in excess of unexplainable chance or serendipity. In my estimation such rare events must be marked by the clear evidence of being manifested by supra-natural conditions and parameters which only can be attributable to God, the Most Holy Creator. Therein “an act of God” becomes the only coherent explanation for such occurrences.

The events that started in Tunisia and have now expanded across the Middle East from Egypt to Syria, Libya, Yemen, and Jordan.   What is so striking about these exploding protests is the seeming absence of the paralyzing fear of the brutality of their respective governments which have kept its people in an enslaved mentality. The experience of having beloved relatives disappear after being initially arrested by the government’s secret police kept the population afraid to even mention the name of the lost loved one in public. Suddenly in the midst of some of the most brutally inspired fear that mankind has known the fear is gone and people face bullets, bombs, and tanks with only their bodies to stop the enemy. Where some lie dead in the streets, others race to take the places of the fallen in the lines of the protest demonstrations and blood is everywhere. Nothing known to mankind could ever inspire these masses numbering in the millions to make such a commitment of life and limb to face the brutal onslaught of the enemy’s military killing machinery. Absolutely nothing! It is this commitment that marks the occurrence of these events across different national boundaries as supra-natural and in my opinion as one that could only be God inspired.

The hypocritical western international news media has recently provided a great deal of space lampooning family radio Preacher/Prophet Harold Camping concerning his prophesy that doomsday would be occurring at 6:30 pm on the 21st of May 2011. Mr. Camping’s followers posted bill boards around the United States telling Americans to get ready for doomsday on the above date and time. However, faced with the historically awesome events roiling the Middle East this same news media could only muster a weak cliché in a vain attempt to apply some sort of definitive logic to these events. The cliché that they are now using is the term “Arab Spring”, and alas one will not find the slightest hint of possible Divine Inspiration involvement anywhere editorially on the thousands of pages written and broadcast thus far about these world shaking events which will change the lives of millions of people, born and unborn.

Such blindness can be expected from commercial enterprises like the western international news media; however the church and all other secular bodies across the world have also been conspicuously silent regarding this supra-natural event in mankind’s history. What greater teaching tool exists to mark the existence and action of God in the world than the supra-natural human events now unfolding daily in the very presence of mankind?  Through the gift of modern technology the entire world has been able to watch and witness the Arab protests as these events travel from country to country.

The Book of Exodus, Chapter 33, verse 13 through verse 23 chronicles a dialog between Hashem (God) and Moses in the Tent of Meeting outside the Israelite exodus camp. During the dialog, Moses overcome by a sense of closeness with Hashem exclaims to Hashem “Oh, let me behold your presence!” Hashem responds by telling Moses that “there is place near to Me. Go there and station yourself on an rock”. Hashem then tells Moses that He (Hashem) will cause His Presence to pass by, but prior to that He will put Moses in the cleft of the rock and shield him with His Hand until His Presence has passed by. Hashem finishes by telling Moses that He will then take His Hand away so that Moses can see His back, but His face must not be seen. My exegesis of these verses is that they are teaching us how we are to observe the presence of God. We must be constantly aware in order to observe all the particulars of any event of note that may occur. We should then proceed to analyze the particulars surrounding each event strictly searching for only those things that we can uniquely attribute to God. Regular performance of such an observance/analytical ritual results in greatly strengthening one’s personal belief in the Omni-presence of God in the world.  This is all the Most Holy Creator wishes of the most beloved expressions of His Creation. 

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Brotha BeatDown Bout Beck

It is imperative that we who are the descendents of the African slave population in America IMMEDIATELY become AWARE of those shadowy RICH and powerful PUPPETEERS who control and manipulate those “conservative” broadcast personalities, whose main task of employment is to viciously revile black folks as a people over the airwaves of America! Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck are the current leaders in the anti-Negro broadcast crusade here in America. However, these demagogues and their fellow broadcast racialists would not even be so much as a whisper in the quiet night air of the desert if it were not for super wealthy fanatical white Americans financing the continuous flood of pernicious vitriolic propaganda which currently dominates the airwaves of America.

The rambling diatribes of these right wing broadcasters are so densely packed with racialist euphemisms and coded “dog whistle” phrases that it is extremely difficult to the average person to have even a modicum of understanding of what the broadcaster is raving about. However it is time for us to stop wasting our time fretting over the “racist bombast” broadcast daily by these raving bigots and start looking behind the scenes. In the words of my favorite cousin I. Ben Dare, “quit plain’n bout shithouse stink, best be look’n for who been dere last!” To repeat my opening call, we who are the frequent targets of these broadcast racialist attacks must sharpen our focus and concentrate on WHO is spending the MONEY to support these people.

Rich right wing millionaires and billionaires have become legion in America at this time. (Wikipedia lists 2.8 million multimillionaires in the US in 2009. Forbes lists 403 billionaires in the US in 2010.) Among “conservative” billionaires the cost of financing right wing projects approaching a million dollars or more is generally considered inconsequential to them. Let’s take a look at a couple of examples, the first being David Koch.
According to an email from Democrat Representative Alan Grayson, who is in the midst of a tight race for his seat representing Florida’s 8th District, Koch has a $17 billion fortune at his disposal and he has been using it freely to fund a relentless unscrupulous attack on the Obama Administration. Grayson’s email also states that Koch has spent $250,000 in one week for attack ads against Grayson’s campaign for re-election. Koch is just one of the many rich white Americans who are the “behind the scenes” funding sources for right wing causes. Representative Grayson is unique among Democrats for remaining steadfast and true to his progressive convictions and that is precisely why he is under attack. You can be sure that a large part of the content in those attack ads against Grayson will have many Negrophobic euphemisms generously sprinkled throughout.

Another powerful person that I would cite for discussion is Roger Ailes, the President of the Fox Broadcasting network. Just from the standpoint of the material that is so prevalent on the Fox news channels, it is obvious that the entire stable of self professed “conservative” broadcasting staff are all well paid students of the political and racialist ideology espoused by their boss Roger Ailes. Ailes’ career prior to his current position at Fox includes political positions as a long time Republican consultant to Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and Herbert Walker Bush. Ailes has long advocated that permanent superior political power could be achieved through maintaining unconditional control of the broadcast media. As president of Fox Broadcasting he has obtained a vital national platform upon which he has been able to perfect his own propaganda techniques.

At this point I wish to focus on the actions of the Ailes TV propaganda techniques as compared with the ideological messages espoused by the other rich white financers who control the “conservative” right wing AM broadcast networks in concert. (However, it is IMPORTANT to keep in mind that the COMBINATION of both media, the AM broadcast networks and TV network channels comprise the right wing “conservative” propaganda machine in America.) The ultimate goal of Roger Ailes goes far beyond just beating up on poor black folks. (Unfortunately public opinion believes that this is the total extent of his broadcast motives.) Rather his primary goal is to control the minds and opinions of the majority of Americans. Ailes is essentially creating an American paradigm of the successful propaganda machine developed by Joseph Goebbels some eighty years ago as Adolph Hitler's Minister of Propaganda during the early days of Nazi Germany. Returning to the present era, if we conduct a close examination of the broadcast notoriety and controversy dominating the national conversation for the past 18 months it will provide an obvious and damning testimony as to the extent of the propaganda attack already underway here in America. At this point it is necessary to digress here briefly to describe the basic structure of Joseph Goebbels’ Propaganda Machine.

Goebbels published a great deal of analytical data for his experimental propaganda in the days marked by Hitler's rise to power, and many of his writings from the 1930’s are available in bookstores and online today. Generally speaking, Goebbels maintained several things are critical to make his techniques work on a given population. (1) First you must identify and DEFINE one segment of the population as SCAPEGOATS and blame them for all of the current ills of that particular society. (2) You must then REDEFINE the MORALS of that scapegoated population to the majority population. (3) You must then CREATE the most outlandish BIZARRE LIES about this scapegoated population highlighted by revelations of certain outrageous despicable acts being perpetrated by the scapegoated population against the majority, repeating these lies over and over and over again endlessly. Goebbels “clinical” approach to the development of his propaganda machine subsequently demonstrated that with the suppression of any opposing voices, over some given period of time the majority population will come to believe these lies.

However, the secret that Goebbels did not include in his documentation is that once the majority population DISPLACED their previous belief systems with the "big lie" as the cornerstone of their new belief system, at the same time, they came to unquestionably BELIEVE and TRUST the SOURCE of that "big lie" propaganda. In other words, a belief system (regardless of the nature of the system) is always an ESSENTIAL critical part of the life of every human being.
Hence, when a population’s previous belief system is DISPLACED by the “big lie”, the SOURCE of the “big lie” and its institutionalized components a priori becomes the new replacement belief system for the newly proselytized majority population. This is just the way that humanity is “wired”, and further discussion of the psychological science inherent in this phenomenon is far beyond the discussion of this post. There is one final point to consider about the Goebbels propaganda machine. Many people outside of pre-war Nazi Germany after viewing thousands of newsreel scenes showing millions of Germans showering great love and enthusiasm on their beloved Hitler assumed that this was a natural display of the unconditional embrace of Nazi propaganda by the German people. However, I believe that this evaluation indicates a serious misunderstanding and mischaracterization of the actual effect of the “big lie” on the German people. I believe that the widespread public demonstrations in pre-war Germany supporting the Nazi regime actually signaled the need of the German people to emotionally resolve the conflict brought about by their acceptance of a new belief system despite the fact that it was based on a profound NEGATVE, the “big lie”. This emotional turmoil marked an underlying desperate need of the subconscious to continuously reaffirm the correctness of these new changes in their personal belief system. Hitler’s response to this psychological need by his newly proselytized German population was to substitute Wagner’s folklore for Christ’s Beatitudes, and Nietzsche’s “Thus Spake Zarathustra” for religious theology.
Therefore, respective of Hitler's plans, the persecution of the German Jews was not important beyond facilitating the achievement of his goal to successfully establish a unique form of mass psychosis which delivered the complete acquiescence of the German people to his slightest whim. The success of Goebbels’ propaganda technique in the eventual control over the German mind was evidenced by the rise of Hitler’s powerful war machine. However, as a part of these events, European Jewry unfortunately became fodder for the Nazi propaganda machine, the violent rhetoric of which produced policies authorized by the German state that resulted in the horrific brutal Jewish Holocaust that followed.

HERE is where we CONNECT THE historical DOTS. A similar propaganda attack is currently underway here in the United States. Like the situation in pre-war Nazi Germany, in the United States currently there are two large scapegoat populations available, American Negroes and Mexican Americans. However, it appears that the target spotlight is slowly shifting to the American Negro due to the ease of making video connections between the similarity in racial appearance between American Negro Muslims (35% of the Muslims in America are African Americans), American Negro non-Muslims and other black and brown Muslims around the world. Unfortunately, this “look alike” correlation also extends includes those foreign Muslims of color who belong to organizations around the world that are bent on attacking the United States. A recent example of Glenn Beck’s racialist BIG LIE propaganda technique can be found in the statement that he has frequently broadcast which accused "President Obama of being a racist who hates white people." In the light of the Goebbels propaganda doctrine, it is prudent to follow this BIG LIE statement up with another one. Following the Goebbels doctrine Beck declared at his recent rally in Washington D.C. "That God is setting the stage for white people to GET THEIR CIVIL RIGHTS back!" Thus the maturing of the Beck BIG LIE campaign is revealed by his attempt to recruit the evangelical Christian right into his propaganda campaign. To clarify I repeat, the purpose of Beck’s Washington rally was to call, justify, and invite thousands of fundamentalist white Christians to join him in his personal battle to stop the :black” political take over of America! (Note that this LIE is deemed a hard fact in the minds of many white American racialists which they see as being irrefutably confirmed by the election of a Negro, Barack Obama, to the Presidency of the United States.)

I should like to take a moment here to address some of the anticipated arguments that may be offered in rebuttal to my earlier declaration that America is in the midst of a virulent propaganda attack. First of all I heartily disagree with the many liberal voices that are quick to lampoon and dismiss Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, Michael Medved, Mark Levin, Bill O’Reilly, and others simply as “those right wing nut case crazies”. These people are certainly right wing fringe demagogues, many of which have become exceedingly wealthy through their so called “hard hitting” broadcast rants against anything normal in America. However, it is safe to say their presence on American air waves would quickly disappear if the monetary rewards were completely removed. I doubt seriously if any of these people would continue to be a “conservative talk show host” as a full time hobby. Hence in retrospect there is some serious money behind the verbal machinations of this crowd, and anyone who does not believe that vast sums of money is always associated with power is not worth the time to argue with. Lastly, it is common knowledge that whenever power players are in the “game” it is for a damn good reason, and power players are always serious, dead serious.

To those who would dismiss my declaration “that America is under a serious propaganda attack” as “just another conspiracy theory”. I should like to point their attention toward the growing number of public gathering places across the nation like malls, shopping centers and local eateries that have instituted a rigorous “display Fox TV channel only” policy for all TV screens setup for public viewing in their respective areas. Several Midwestern McDonalds regional franchisee restaurant chains are continuing this policy even in the face of strong local and national opposition. Their counter argument to protests regarding the “Fox TV only” policy is that in their opinion Fox is the best “family friendly” TV channel available out of all of the networks on cable or satellite. Such a policy seven or eight years ago would have been unthinkable, but today it is an important harbinger of the successes that the current strategies and techniques of the right wing propaganda machine are beginning to produce in many parts of America. Unfortunately many fair minded Americans have been lulled into believing in the affectivity of the major network’s (ABC, CBS, and NBC) voluntary doctrine for public responsibility and fairness. This long standing practice is religiously implemented by strictly adhering to the rule that any controversial subject broadcast must include at least one proponent of the subject of the controversy and at least one opponent of the subject of the controversy. In effect they consider this to be broadcasting “BOTH SIDES of any ARGUMENT” in a fair and responsible manner. However a quick sampling of public opinion throughout the country will show that this doctrine has proven neither to be responsible nor has it been fair.

To conclude this discussion, I should like to amend the opening statement of this post to include the following declaration. “Not only those Americans who are descendants of African slaves, but ALL Americans MUST BECOME AWARE of the serious danger posed by the strategies of the current right wing propaganda attack on the American government and it’s Constitution.” The American people must be brought to the realization that not only are their freedoms in jeopardy by virtue of the media dominance of this Neo Propaganda Machine, but the future existence of America as a democratic institution is also under a devastating relentless attack from within by those radical right wing “conservatives”. The prime desire of this segment of the American population is to secure permanent control over the government of the United States under the exclusive rule of an oligarchy of the super rich that is based in the American upper class.

Pay close attention brother...... pay very close attention….. Peace….

Friday, April 09, 2010

Fish or Cut Bait Time for America

The title of this post is an expression that I picked up years ago from an old timer. Essentially the meaning of this colloquialism is that IT IS TIME TO MAKE A DECISION. Today America stands foursquare on such a threshold. As a disclaimer, this post is not specifically intended to highlight the plans of any particular group or organization in the country; rather it attempts to point to the current conditions in American society which underscore the dangerousness of the present situation. We have all witnessed the birth of the “Tea Party” from the “knock about rag tag mob” that terrorized the Town Hall meetings on Health Care Reform last summer. The Tea Party has grown into a shiny new media attraction impatiently waiting to emerge over the coming summer months as the new darling of the Main Stream Media (MSM). More from the bait bucket below the fold.

I have written many times concerning the use by the Republican Party of AM Talk Radio as a 24/7 propaganda outlet. Further, I devoted a serious amount of text to the weak kneed feeble attempts of the Democratic Party to curb these propaganda outlets, the last attempt coming not to long after the Democrats won a majority in the Congress. The Senate Democrats ALL bailed out and left Senator Dorgan as the sole advocate for a bill that would have severely curbed the Limbaughs and the Becks ability to spew hate on an unrestricted basis over America’s air waves. Now these preachers of hate and racism left undisturbed and comfortable in their respective broadcast environs have grown in popularity such that their every twisted word or comment becomes classified as prime time news for the American people. Their insane ramblings have now become the belief mantras for millions of white Americans. It is important to put the situation in perspective. The mindless drivel that these “right wing” commentators saturate the airwaves with is simply the oldest of all of the dangerous components starting to coalesce around the “Tea Party” moment.

The most significant component recently entering the Tea Party tent is money. Why is money important? Because money attracts money, and nothing moves, squirms, grunts, or slivers in America without money. Second, money has a tendency to supersede ideology and even political fanaticism (in America). Our TV communication channels are rapidly becoming polluted with outraged rhetoric from the opposing political camps. TV networks are in the business of entertainment and they will make their broadcast platforms available to whatever brings the most advertising revenue (money again).

Under the guise of “balanced opinion” the TV networks have hired heavy bombasts from both the liberal persuasion and from the right wing super conservatives to grace their respective broadcast studios. Needless to say there are hundreds of applicants for these jobs and the list is still growing. Thus those who are in these positions have very generous salaries to protect, so it is their goal to be more and more outrageous that the next guy. Outrageous violent speech equals job security and more money in the bank. Further, whoever is the greatest demagogue gets the biggest paycheck and the awesome power that comes with super public notoriety.

The next component to recently and very discretely enter the Tea Party tent is corporate lobbyists. Sensing possible congressional upsets by Tea Party endorsed candidates in the fall elections the lobbyists are scrambling to sprinkle their “just in case” money around so there will be no loss in corporate control over the new Congress.

Finally, the most dangerous component to enter the Tea Party tent is the powerful gun lobby. Now I don’t think that it was ever the gun Lobby’s original intent to get involved with the Tea Party. But I think that they were dragged into the fray by the crazy Town Hall protestor’s signs and slogans about not letting “Obama take away our guns”. As the loose cannons of the Gun Owner’s League (GOAL) pushed forward to carry/wear guns in public at Starbucks and other places in defiance of local ordinances for gun free zones, the gun lobby had to get involved.

So where has all this taken us? There appears to be a coalescing between GOAL members, and various Militias to sponsor “open Tea Party” rallies around the country this summer. The “open” in the designation of these rallies means people will be encouraged to bring their guns to the rally and many of these rallies will be sponsoring shooting contests just to liven things up. These rallies will be a dream come true for the TV media considering that the summer (without the Olympics) is a very slow time of the year for the networks. (There’s the money thing again.) (I know that I surely wouldn’t want to be a black cameraman covering one of these events for the networks!) Now don’t get me wrong, there won’t be any raging bloodthirsty white mobs spewing out onto the streets of hometown America following any of these “open Tea Party rallies”. However, what I am certain of is that these rallies will become the inspirational catalyst for much random spilling of innocent American blood around the country by highly influenced individual members or followers of the Tea Party moment. You know, it’s the T. McVeigh effect.

So on a warm April afternoon, them’s the facts. Obama has already demonstrated that it is not in his playbook to take action beyond meetings and conferences targeted towards compromise and reconciliation. The gun toting right wing racist extremists have had a year to validate this quirk in Obama’s behavior, and it is being displayed in their open belligerence toward president Obama and the government. Many in these Militias across the nation believe that a race war is inevitable, and they have been waiting and training for years in anticipation of such an event. Articles in the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) indicate the seriousness of the problem. In their article titled “The Year in Hate and Extremism” they state, “But what was most remarkable was the explosive growth of militias and the “Patriot” movement which jumped 244%”. In another article, SPLC cited the rapid growth of militias as extremely dangerous, lacking only a spark.

Cries for media responsibility have thus far gone unheeded, after all the MSM is a business and if they don’t keep pushing the sensational “hot button racial” stuff, Wall Street will punish them. Other people continue to call for Republican leaders to stand before the public and refute all of this hate and racist talk currently harming the country. Fat chance, the Republicans smell Democratic blood in the water over the Health Care Reform bill. Many elected Democrats have already received death threats against their person and against members of their families.

A recent University of Washington Institute for the Study of Ethnicity, Race & Sexuality (WISER) Multi-state survey led by Prof. Christopher Parker examined the question, “Is America Now a post-racial society?” As part of this survey they found that the Tea Party had strong approval to some conditional approval by 45% of the whites polled. Of this 45% only 35% believe blacks to be hard working, only 45% believe blacks are intelligent and only 41% believe blacks are trustworthy. These statistics should provide a wakeup call to those progressives who believe in the “Obama led Post-Racial Society”. This MSM propagated myth needs to be buried once and for all, particularly after the veteran civil rights leader, Congressman Lewis in an encounter with Tea Party people was repeatedly called a “nigger” to his face. There is nothing post racial about the current atmosphere with 45% of white America embracing the racist rhetoric of the Tea Party mobment.

So the question now is WHO will STEP UP to make sure that no spark falls on this powder saturated fuse? It can only be the American people. Regardless of your bigotry or racism, I don’t think any reasonable American wants to see blood running in the streets. For those progressives who steadfastly refuse to believe that such a bloody outbreak of violence could occur in our country, I would cite the growing membership within the “Promise Keepers” right wing organization among local law enforcement officers. Weather wise we are experiencing the early stirring of spring with record level summer like temperatures. But beyond the weather, the Tea Party promises to make this one helluva summer.

So listen up America, it’s time to turn off those Ipods, tweets and TV’s. For real, it’s Time to Fish or Cut Bait!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Emergence of Racial Apologists in America

The appearance of Racist Apologists has been expected now that the national discussion on racism has been joined. Racial Apologists differ from their less articulate brethren in they attempt to offer extended convoluted loquacious polemics to remove the obviousness of racist behavior from any conflict exacerbated by race. It should be noted that Racial Apologists in the American publishing world is well over a century old, harkening back to the antebellum period of American history. In later years the debating opposition that Frederick Douglass faced were all highly articulate Racial Apologists (RA). Recently, I have become uncomfortably aware of the increasing presence of RA's in the commentary sections of published articles involving racial conflict or postings of reports covering organizations espousing racial hatred. More on the modern re-emergence of the RA phenomena below the fold.

Even though the appearance of RA's in the commentaries sections of articles or posts covering race is a new tactic, RA’s have already adopted a "party Line" argument that often appears quite prominently in their commentary. This RA argument is essentially political in nature and states the following, “If you disagree with anything that Obama says, the liberals will call you a racist!" The goal of the RA's is to flood the commentary section with long winded theoretical discussions top heavy with irrelevant rebuttals to any post or article dealing with the race problem in America. This has a depressive effect on those readers who are interested in reading the thoughts and ideas of people who have experienced racism in their daily lives or people who sincerely want to remove the curse of racism from American society.

One website I recently visited had a very long in-depth post concerning the impact of race on the proliferation of sub prime mortgages that ultimately contributed to the collapse of the housing market. The commentary section for this article had been invaded by one individual RA whose postings accounted for over one third of the commentaries appearing in the section. The current increase of RA activity over different liberal/progressive websites is a harbinger that signals extremely difficult times ahead for progressive/liberal use of the internet as an organizing tool for the upcoming 2010 elections.

Thus far the RA's cannot prevent articles whose topics address the racial issue in America from being published on the internet. However, as described above, they have found that they can flood the commentary sections of such posts with their regressive views. I have called these tactics DOD commentaries, where DOD stands for “Denial of Discussion”.
(In many respects the function of DOD is similar to the denial of service (DOS) attacks that hackers use to shut down internet websites.)

What is the overall effect of these DOD tactics? Each author of a post, yes even those who publish rants, is looking for meaningful feedback from his/her readers. Feedback is very important enriching and learning experience for any author. DOD tactics discourage this exchange between reader and author, as the source of feedback, the commentary section has been effectively commandeered by persons (RA's in the case of racial posts) with radically different ideological agendas.

It is important to note that the use of this tactic need not be confined to posts/articles concerning race. Obviously DOD tactics could be used to prevent discussion of any controversial subject, such as Apartheid in the Israel - Palestinian lands of the Middle East, or Genocide and Rape in Darfur, etc. Whereas the internet covers the globe, one should not expect that input to commentaries can only originate here in the United States. Progressives have a history of demonstrating that once riled up, Progressives can get going and deliver the goods. But Progressives also have a history of falling asleep again once they have secured their victory. We caught the right wing conservatives off guard in the Presidential campaign with our unique use of the internet as an organizing tool. Now the right wing conservatives are back on the job, working on ways to disorganize our websites and frustrate communication in our portion of the blogesphere.

At this point, I would like to go off topic just for a moment…...
Years ago, before the advent of the internet, online communication was limited exclusively to point to point operations with dialup modems. The majority of these modems were 300 bit per second (37.5 characters per second) acoustic coupled modems. To use these acoustic coupled modems, you had to manually dial the phone number of the trunk line to the target server, and wait for the modem whistle to indicate that the target server had picked up the phone. Once the server answered and sent out its high pitched whistle, then you had to manually place the telephone headset onto the modem in the correct position to allow the communication exchange to proceed.

In those days the main facility for communications were known as bulletin boards, which supported alphanumeric ASCII text only. Bulletin boards were initially setup by individuals and some computer hardware mail order businesses who were selling components to hobbyists building their own personal home computers. For example, you could log onto a memory supplier’s bulletin board and browse the types of memory chips that were in stock and on sale. Not long after the advent of the bulletin board, computer kit builders were posting technical questions concerning either clarification of engineering specifications or the applicability of certain devices to their respective hardware. As the market for computer hardware expanded so did the informational storage capabilities of the billboards. This eventually led to a new class of billboards totally dedicated to special interests, having absolutely nothing to do whatsoever with the building of home computers. Obviously many of these new social bulletin boards were dedicated to political interests and were nicknamed BOF’s for “Birds of a Feather” boards. The conversational structures of these BOF boards were similar to the commentary sections of Blog posts appearing on the internet today.

Initially, in the bulletin board world, anyone with a computer with modem software, a modem and a phone line was free to participate in the message exchanges. However, as with all new forms of innovation, it was no time before the profane and the ugly raised the nasty side of text messaging, and soon registration became a mandatory requirement on all boards. However, registration merely required a participant to provide a “user name”, similar to the registration requirements of today’s internet sites. The next step in the evolution of the bulletin board was to include “chat rooms” where users could post and comment on anything they desired. Some chat rooms opened online on their own, totally independent of any bulletin board.

One day while browsing various chat room sites, I discovered that the John Birch Society had opened up a bulletin board with a chat room. Being a curious liberal, I visited their site and logged onto their chat room, mainly as an observer. Within a few days, their chat room exploded into controversial arguments between the Birchers and others accessing their chat room. The following week I found that although I could still access their Bulletin Board, I could no longer access the chat room. A message would come up stating, “Access to the Chat Room is now restricted. For registration please write to the Supervisor, in care of ##### #####, #### Street, #####, Massachusetts.” The information that I was able to gather concerning this restricted chat room was that the room was made available only to verified members of the John Birch Society. However, certain members of other organizations whose ideology was in strict accordance with the Birch society were granted password entry at the discretion of the supervisor. Needless to say, I never visited that particular chat room again.

Returning to the topic…..
I personally view this earlier pre-internet experience as a paradigm for the infiltration problems that are starting to show up in the liberal/progressive sector of the internet Blogesphere. The infiltration of RA’s (or any other opponents of the progressive/liberal agenda) actively onto liberal/progressive websites constitutes a serious challenge to the continuing task of providing accurate strategy information for progressive causes via these channels. Whereas the American progressive/liberal stature is virtually non-existent in the MSM, we must jealously guard these proven political channels as being crucial to our survival and influence in immediate scheme of things.

Some liberals will argue that access to our website by the general public regardless of their ideology is a 1st amendment right and should not be restricted in any fashion. Some feel so strongly in this regard, that they will champion this belief even if it eventually results in the demise of the entire liberal/progressive sector in this country. On the other hand, those who believe there must be some restriction when the presences of destructive tactics such as DOD actions are verified on the website will immediately encounter the question, “What can we do about it?” It certainly is not enough to leave recognition of such behavior to the site’s webmaster, and a complaint system designed to identify a person or persons of negative intent is bound to run into fairness issues.

At the beginning of this post I was addressing just the problem with RA infiltration of racially orientated post/article commentary sections. However, from a more general perspective once properly registered anybody can start posting Blogs. Assume that a large number of conservative opposition people register and start posting Blogs, each of which addresses a substantive matter but is written so as to sporadically interject conservative ideology/rhetoric statements in a very subtle manner into the Blog text. Will the webmaster be able to provide all of the filtering necessary to stop such posts? I raise these issues now while there is time to intelligently discuss them. We can ignore these problems only at our own risk and peril.